The Company

Small but mighty!

We help small businesses expand their online presence to attract new business

“We are passionate and driven to make sure your business targets your ideal audience and meets all the website standards of today. We also love to work with small businesses and connect on a personal level to make business more fun!”



Web Design for any business small or large we relish the chance to provide your website presence with a modern professional, interactive website with super cool features to make your site stand tall from the rest.


SEO Marketing

Getting a slick web design isn’t the “bee all end all” of a web presence, you will need to get your website ranking on the search engines for your keywords or key phrases. We can provide search engine optimisation to increase your traffic to your website.


Hosting & Email

We offer cheap web hosting to dedicated servers for high demanding eCommerce websites. Whether you have a few bucks to spend per month or a few hundred, we can provide a web hosting solution suitable for most businesses at affordable prices.


Maintenance & Security

Once your website is up and running, we make sure it stays online, safe and backed up. We run several maintenance programs to make sure your website is performing its best.